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BE ENERGY – move into an independent future by becoming your own energy manager!

The energy market is in a period of transition. In the near future, energy will be generated and consumed primarily locally. Connecting distributed power generation systems with centralized systems used by the energy industry and the marketing of these systems are providing consumers opportunities for participation in that market. This kind of energy flexibility enables private households to evolve from consumers to prosumers and become more independent of rising energy costs straight away. Businesses benefit from integrated energy management resulting in clarity on their energy consumption and costs and enabling them to permanently check their profitability.

„BEEGY provides customers orientation in the energy market making innovative technologies easy, experienceable and useful.“

Marco Demuth, Managing Director, BEEGY

BEEGY is the link…

…between these two worlds in the energy market. Customers know we are an innovative energy partner focused on their energy relevant issues. We help them by providing pioneering products, customized solutions and excellent services.

We support our customers – appropriate to their individual requirements as consumers or businesses – by providing consultation, planning and installation services as well as assistance in operating their systems. Regardless if they need our services for photovoltaic installations, a heat pump in the garden, or a combined heat and power system to be used in a housing estate. We ensure efficiency in operation and help them get the maximum out of their investment. In short, BEEGY supports consumers and businesses in actively exploiting personal opportunities relating to energy and in shaping the future world of energy.

Our customers are the powerhouse of the future – when will you change your energy concept?

More profitability through greater transparency

Your top priorities as an energy manager of a corporate group or branch, managing director of your own company, or administrator of residential buildings are profitability, the monitoring and control of processes and efficient infrastructures. The energy dashboard for monitoring and controlling energy processes helps you define rules and generate reports regularly to be able to perform your energy management efficiently and effortlessly.

BEEGY‘s energy management software creates transparency and as such clarity on energy consumption and costs enabling the check on profitability. The software also ensures that future investments are steered in the right direction.

More independence from the generation of your own power

Become an active participant in the energy market and make yourself more independent of energy costs. BEEGY specifically helps you develop and implement a plan to increase your independence up to the maximum use of your self-generated electricity.

BEEGY’s energy management delivers all relevant information to actively manage your energy or use relevant systems according to your specifications. BEEGY also supports you in realizing your financial goals such as investments in a new heating, photovoltaic or combined heat and power system – no matter whether your goal is greatest possible independence or rapid amortization.

We can do a lot for you.

BEEGY’s services and products are based on four modules which may be used in combination or separately according to customer requirements.

Consulting and planning

Procurement and installation

Energy management


Consulting and planning

We will advise you based on your specific goals and objectives as well as local conditions in your home or company, develop the optimal energy solution for you and show you how it can be best implemented.

In doing so, we focus on all areas which use heat and electric energy. We are renowned experts in the fields of photovoltaic systems, heat pumps, combined heat and power systems, night storage heaters, battery storage solutions and electric mobility as well as the smart connection of systems within distributed structures and centralized energy systems.

Should you already operate a new heating, distributed power generation or combined heat and power system, we help you make it as smart as possible to benefit from the advantages of distributed optimization.

Procurement and installation

Based on our consulting services we ensure the perfect combination of your energy systems. BEEGY performs the transparent procurement of the systems in all phases and on schedule, finds the best technical installer from our national network of installation firms, and carries out the installation and operation of the systems in close coordination with them.

Energy management

Every customer has different requirements and ideas when it comes to energy: different heating solutions and object sizes, size of the household, comfort requirements, sense of comfort, profitability, and degree of independence or avoidance of CO2 emissions.

Beegy`s energy management helps you to get the most out of your energy according to your specifications and requirements – for example, to increase your energy efficiency and reduce your consumption, raise your personal consumption if you are already generating your own electricity or help you operate your heat pump in such a way that you benefit from the ideal heat comfort profile at lowest costs.


BEEGY monitors your system 24/7 to ensure that regular maintenance of your power generation or heating system is performed and proposes a date in time for the next maintenance. And, if there should be an incident, i.e., your photovoltaic system does not generate as much energy as it should, tailored insurance cover protects you from financial loss.

BEEGY is a modern startup in a dynamically growing energy services sector, understanding and being able to cope with our customers’ needs and challenges. BEEGY’s customer services are based on market leading technology and established processes. The team consists of renowned energy experts and consultants with many years of experience and competence as well as highly qualified product managers, software developers, service staff and usability experts who are creating, developing and distributing consulting concepts and products and services at the sites in Mannheim and Munich.

About us:

We are a dynamic and highly motivated team who is efficiently driving the transformation in the energy industry. We are creating a climate in which innovations arise and change means opportunity. Responsibility – for ourselves, for the entire team and the company – as well as trust and mutual support are essential for us. Together, we want to make a difference and actively contribute to shaping the transformation in the energy industry.


Our services:

BEEGY helps you become part of the energy market of the future by contributing your ideas to the implementation of our vision of a distributed world of energy. Expect exciting and challenging responsibilities with creative leeway which we deliberately grant you to create added value - for yourself, the company and our customers. Our flat hierarchies ensure uncomplicated and teamoriented collaboration. Take advantage of these interesting and unique opportunities for development.


We are looking for:

Senior Product Designer & Launch Manager “Heating Propositions” (f/m)
Mannheim / Munich
joining us preferably from 01.03.2015

Senior Product Designer & Launch Manager “Storage Propositions” (f/m)
Mannheim / Munich
joining us preferably from 01.03.2015

You are interested in BEEGY, have a question or wish to talk to a BEEGY representative? We would be happy if you write us an E-Mail or contact us by phone.

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68161 Mannheim
Tel: +49 (621) 300 116-0
Website: www.beegy.com
E-Mail: info@beegy.com